Music is an important part of my life. Even though I have absolutely no musical talent, I am a very frequent listener, enjoyer and reviewer of music. I’m always playing music when I’m at home and when I’m commuting towards my university. My earbuds are practically permanently attached to my iPhone and it gives me the greatest joy to go and see music being performed live. 

Spotify is thus one of the most-used apps on my phone. One of my favorite features of Spotify is Wrapped, which is your own annual round-up of the music you listened to, discovered and played on repeat. Besides interesting fun facts, your Wrapped results can surprise you…

According to Wrapped, I listened to a staggering amount of 353 different artists, which seems crazy to me. From the top of my head, I don’t think I could name 353 different artists (fun party challenge!), but apparently I did listen to them. I think it’s amazing I listened to so many different songs, and artists and genres. Without fully realizing it, I listened to so much music in 2017 and I think it’s really fun to see you’re own music-listening habits in numbers. 

Although all the numbers from the first picture were already pretty interesting, I think the picture above unveils the most secrets about my listening habits. Apparently the artist I listened to the most is composer Alexandre Desplat and at first, I couldn’t quite believe it. I mean, sure, I appreciate all that Alexandre Desplat does in the composing world, but is he really my top artist of 2017??!!

But then it hit me. I did listen to a lot of Alexandre Desplat over the past year, just not that consciously. The first half of 2017 was my last semester at UCR, which meant I spent most of my time studying for exams, writing essays and working on my final thesis. When I’m studying, I always put on film music, because it really helps me to focus and concentrate on my work. One of my favorite albums to listen to while studying is the soundtrack of The Grand Budapest Hotel, by – you guessed it – Alexandre Desplat. 

Then one of my other top artists of 2017 is another composer, Craig Armstrong, and his seemingly weird presence in my top artist-list can be explained quite similarly to Alexandre Desplat’s. My other favorite album to listen to while studying, is the soundtrack of Far From The Madding Crowd, which was composed by – that’s right – Craig Armstrong. 

Then we get to the good, and slightly easier understandable, stuff! Lorde, Andy Burrows and Oscar and the Wolf are definitely in my lists of top artists of 2017 for me. Andy Burrows is perhaps the easiest one to understand, as I’ve been listening to him all day every day in December (Merlijn has now become allergic to Andy Burrows). If you’re looking for some alternative Christmas music, I’d 10/10 recommend Andy Burrows. Then next up on the list op top artists is Lorde. I’ve listened to Lorde’s new album Melodrama literally on repeat, but mostly when I was traveling back and forth between Zeeland and Rotterdam. The album was released back in June and that was exactly the time we moved to our new place in Rotterdam. Same goes for Oscar and the Wolf’s new album, Infinity, which I always listen to when I travel back to Zeeland by bus. The whole ride I just play the album on a loop and I arrive at my destination perfectly relaxed. 

Looking back on my music-listening habits on Spotify, I do come to appreciate the simple act of listening to music on your phone. Without really consciously realizing it, I listened to so many different artists and song and genres – and probably exploring so much new music in the process. I think by looking through the overview Wrapped presents to you (which they do in a very visually attractive way, by the way), you learn so much about your own way of consuming music and the results of a yearly roundup do bring some really interesting surprises (I’m talking about you, Alexandre Desplat…). 

Featured image: Spotify via