Well, hello there!

It’s been a hot minute since I wrote anything other than social media updates for my internship at Cineville or my master thesis and to be honest, I really really missed it. I’ve been wanting to sit down behind my computer and let all the words naturally flow from my fingers unto the screen for so long, but I never seemed to find the time – until now. On this incredibly hot afternoon (we have a heatwave going on in The Netherlands at the moment and I equally love and hate it, it’s rather confusing) I didn’t find time – I finally took the time to sit down and write a little update over here on Almost Famous Writer. 

I thought, why not start with one of my highlights of this Summer: Down the Rabbit Hole festival. I know, I know, the festival took place in late June and it’s already August, but I finally got my pictures developed and I’m super excited about them. I love the anticipation of developing pictures, how they are able to take you back to that exact moment you took the photo – much more than with digital pictures or just snaps on your iPhone, I find. I get incredibly excited when I go and pick up the pictures, open up the envelope and find a beautifully colorful stack of memories waiting for me to revisit. 

For my third outing to Down the Rabbit Hole, I decided I wanted to take a disposable camera with me. I have an analog camera with a 50mm lens, but that one is just a little bit too precious to take with me to a music festival, even though admittedly the quality is way better. But I also quite enjoy the gritty feel of pictures from a disposable camera and I think they suit the whole music festival vibe perfectly. 


I think this 2018 edition was one of my favorite music festivals of all time and I do think that’s saying something considering I’ve been a very regular festival visitor for a decade now (!). I’ve been to Pinkpop, Best Kept Secret, Lowlands and Concert at Sea, and Down the Rabbit Hole just holds a very special place in my heart. The festival is relatively new and I always feel like it’s quite special to me as I’ve been to the very first ever edition back in 2014 and I’ve quite literally seen the festival grow up into what it is now. 

The weather, the setting, the line up, the people: all the stars lined up to make this edition AMAZING. Even though the memory is already getting a bit blurry now (old age he), I still got some great not-so-now-but-kinda-new music finds from the festival. I really enjoyed David Byrne‘s super stylized performance, St. Vincent really sounds better performing than she does on record and Tamino was just really beautiful. 


After my little dip into film photography at Down The Rabbit Hole, I decided to bring my analog camera (I have an Olympus OM10) on holiday with me to Ireland, and I also finally got the film developed from that trip. So keep an eye out for more amateur photography, random scribbles and summer memories.