The first of September does kind of feel like the first of January, doesn’t it? It’s a fresh start,  a new beginning and an opportunity to completely refresh. Perhaps I even like the first of September more, because it means Autumn is almost upon us (hello fluffy blankets, chai tea lattes and cinnamon-scented candles) and the start of a new school year (hello fresh diary, crisp notebooks and new university). Quite some things are new to me this September, which is SUPER exciting but also SUPER overwhelming, so more for my own sanity than anything else, I’ve scribbled down some things September has in store for me. 

Starting a second master programme

Probably the biggest change for me will be that I’m going back to university again. After doing an internship that was completely outside of my curriculum and even in a completely different city, I feel like I’m ready to return to my studies again. I can’t even fully describe how excited and happy I am to be able to continue my studies and to do a second master programme in a field that I feel incredibly passionate about. I think over the past year I kind of figured out what I feel most passionate about and – surprise, surprise – that is language. And, as it turned out, studying journalism wasn’t the right thing for me, so I’m now starting a pre-master programme in Linguistics at Leiden University which will (hopefully) be the right thing for me. 

My internship

From January until last week I’ve interned at Cineville, an online film magazine and subscription service. Even though I absolutely LOVED my internship and I’m really sad to close that chapter of my life, I feel like all of my creative energy and inspiration and motivation went into my internship and creating content for that specific platform. Of course it has a its own very specific tone of voice and attitute and persona, and all of my creativity went into that, into creating content that would fit the brand perfectly and really elevate it. As much as I loved to do that and was able to learn from that experience, I had very little energy left to focus on anything else – which would be my own platforms. So now that my time at Cineville is over (it truly does pain my heart and soul) I do feel like I can put all of my creativity (and planning skills) in Almost Famous Writer – and I’m secretly very excited about that. And I’m not completely leaving Cineville, as I’ll still be writing articles and continuing an interview series with young filmmakers

Starting my own bullet journal

After months, no years, of watching bullet journal videos on YouTube (is there anything more satisfying and calming?!) I finally decided to take the plunge myself and bought one of the (in)famous and slightly overpriced dotted notebooks. I think everyone who has ever met me (definitely anyone who has ever worked with me) knows how much I love planning. It’s what I’m good at, it’s what motivates me and it’s what helps me structure my time, my energy and, in some way, my life. I love setting up tasks for myself and being able to tick them off at the end of the day, or to create a very extensive and color-coordinated Excel sheet planning, or to be able to structure ideas and deadlines and work efficiently. I simply love it. When you think of it like that, it’s kind of surprising that it took me this long to find my way to the wondrous world of Bullet Journaling, but here we finally are. I’m not sure how much I’ll share my way of bullet journaling on Almost Famous Writer, because I think planning and bullet journaling is so personal and so specific that I think it’s kind of hard to share that in a way that it’ll be helpful and inspirational to someone else. We’ll see how it goes, especially since I just started bullet journaling and I’m still very much finding my own way with it. 

So what to expect at Almost Famous Writer in September? First of all, a couple of long overdue photo diaries from our holiday to Ireland and a little whirlwind trip to Fécamp in Normandy. Then, of course, with the arrival of a new season comes the long-awaited wardrobe detox, cleanse and refresh – and the carefully cultivated Pinterest board inspiration to guide the entire process (as you do). You can follow me on Instagram for (almost) daily updates, monthly Cinema Clubs and What To Watchs, and (almost) daily Ziggy stories. 

Featured image: HD Flower Wallpaper (daffodil)