Michiel van Erp, one the biggest documentary makers from The Netherlands, made his first feature film at the age of 54. We spoke with him about infiltrating frat parties and the search for realism. 

Philip is a history student and member of the fraternity of Amsterdam. He has been together with his goody-goody high school girlfriend for way too lang and lives in a frat house called The Orphanage. He’s missing something. His friend Jacob always wears a turtleneck, smokes cigarettes while playing piano and loves to orate about Life. And then there’s Matt: a wild and shameless womanizer, who wants everything but stepping into his father’s footsteps. Philip, Jacob and Matt are characters from the book Niemand in de Stad by Philip Huff and the film of the same name by Michiel van Erp, but they could’ve been boys from your own friend group. 

This article was written for and published on Cineville.nl. You can read the entire interview (in Dutch) right herePictures by Iris Duvekot