Hello October!

I used to think I was a summer girl through and through. But now that the season has changed, the days have become shorter and the temperatures have dropped, I find myself loving Autumn. Hello cinnamon-scented candles, hello fluffy blankets, hello Lord of the Rings marathons on the couch! And hello lil’ monthly update on Almost Famous Writer, because October is going to be one hell of month (sneaky Halloween-reference, no?). 

Bullet journal

First up is something I talked about in my September update and that is the wondrous world of bullet journaling. It gives me no greater joy than to plan out my day, set my tasks and goals, and it gives me no greater satisfaction than to tick off those tasks and goals at the end of the day. Every working day (not on the weekends, I’m not that planning crazy yet) I make a to do list in my bullet journal with everything I have to do that day, from working on Almost Famous Writer to doing laundry and from doing homework for university to updating my Instagram channels.

Because of my current bullet journal system I’m feeling much more productive, focused and creative, because besides planning and scheduling all of my daily tasks, I also just love the actual creating part of bullet journaling. The making of spreads, selecting colours and themes (because of course there has to be theme), picking out stickers (I’ve got Halloween stickers for this month and I’m a little bit too excited about them) and finally filling out all of the monthly details. All in all, I’m still finding my way with bullet journaling, but so far I’ve absolutely loved working with one. 

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New internship

Remember my previous update when I wrote about my internship at Cineville coming to an end? Well, as it turns out, I don’t have to be without an internship for too long, because I have some really exciting news. From next week onwards I’ll be interning at Passionate Boekbulk in Rotterdam, which is an organization aimed to inspire children and young adults to become more interested in language – which is something that fits me and my interests perfectly. I’m super excited to get back to work and I can already help out with the organization of the Geen Daden Maar Woorden festival next weekend. 

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Then finally, what can you except on Almost Famous Writer in October? Of course near the end of the month you will find some Halloween-related content coming your way, and next week’s post will be list of my favourite fall-tehemd movies, including When Harry met Sally (classic) and Legends of the Fall (I cri evrytiem). All in all, it will be a very autumnal few weeks on Almost Famous Writer. 

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