In this series of interviews, in collaboration with VERS, I talk to the future film makers of Cineville about their work and their love for film. For this edition I ate cashews with director Steven Wouterlood and we remember our childhoods and our first times. 

As a child, Steven never dreamed about becoming a film director. He did make movies with his grandmother’s camera and he filmed his entire school trip Morocco. Now he tells stories through films and music. During a multi disciplinary pre-study program, Steven realized he wanted to be director (‘that’s where all those disciplines come together’). He got accepted at the HKU, where he graduated with the short youth film Los. That film immediately won the prize for Best Graduation Film at the NFF.

Maybe I just really like those first times

After Los, Steven continued to make youth films. Those young themes appealed to him: ‘Maybe I just like those first times, the discovering of life. Falling in love for the first time, or going to high school. We all experience those.’

This article was written for and published on You can read the entire interview with Steven right here (in Dutch). Featured photo by Lauren Murphy