Hello December! It’s all happening: the countdown to Christmas, the endless listening to my fave Smith & Burrows Cd, and… the one and only Almost Famous Writer Advent Calendar!

Oh yes, it’s back and bigger and better: the one and only Almost Famous Writer Advent Calendar! In the month of December, there’ll be a fresh new article coming your way every single day until Christmas Day. Which means 24 articles on Almost Famous Writer in one month (!!!) and I’m so excited I can finally share all of them after working on them behind the scenes for a couple of weeks now. 

Without spoiling too much, what can you expect to find in this online advent calendar? No snacks, I’m afraid, but articles on music, books, films and, of course, the occasional Christmas themed article. With the end of the year coming up fast, it’s high time to reflect on my favourites from 2018 with the aptly titled “Best of 2018” series. I’ll be listing the 10 albums I played on repeat over the past 12 months, the books that I read in 2018 and absolutely loved, the series that I binged and will probably re-binge over the next years and the films that completely took my breath away in 2018. 


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One of my personal favourite Christmas traditions is buying presents. If buying and wrapping Christmas presents was an Olympic sport, I would definitely have been a contender for the world title. However, I do know that present shopping isn’t everyone’s cup of tea and for some it can be incredibly stressful and therefor not very fun. To help you out just a bit, and because I just love to get some gift inspiration myself, there’ll be six (!) gift guides coming your way over the past couple of weeks. 

And perhaps the best part of the new and improved Almost Famous Writer Advent Calendar is that I didn’t do it alone this time. This year I have some amazing guest posts coming up for you and I’m already SO excited about sharing them with you. These articles really feel like the extra special days of the advent calendar, the extra sparkly gifts or the extra tasty chocolates, but I’m not going to give away the details on those just yet so they’ll stay a surprise until it’s the time to ‘open’ them. 


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