It’s raining gift guides! Hallelujah, it’s raining gift guides! Part 2 of the infamous AFW Christmas Gift Guide series is all about gift inspiration for those who love everything fashion. 

Christmas gift shopping can be a daunting affair and I think buying something within the realm of fashion can be the trickiest – but luckily not impossible. When buying something for a fashion lover, the obvious thing coming to mind is to buy clothing, but if you want to gift something that is just a little bit out the box, keep on scrolling for my tips. 

Monki accessories

Especially when you’re on a budget, I think Monki should be your number one pitstop to search for Christmas presents. Clothes are always a bit tricky to buy for somebody as a present, unless you know someone’s size and style very well, but just to be safe I would focus on getting an accessory as a present for the fashion lover in your life. They have a great selection of fun and affordable glitter socks, tortoise earrings, avocado umbrellas, glitter hairclips, furry handbags and space cat trays

Coffee table books

I think one of the greatest things within the realm of fashion (besides glitter and fluffy things) are fashion illustrations and the absolutely queen of fashion illustrations would be Megan Hess. Over the years she has published several illustrated books on topics within the magical world of fashion, such as an illustrated biography of Coco Chanel and a travel guide to Paris. The latest edition is Iconic: The Masters of Italian Fashion and full of gorgeous fashion illustrations which I think would be a great gift to any fashion lover. 

Museum visit to ‘Femmes Fatales’

Iris van Herpen, Wilderness Embodied Courtesy, Iris van Herpen. Foto: Petrovsky & Ramone voor Gemeentemuseum Den Haag

Besides gifting somebody an “thing”, there’s always the option to gift someone an “activity”, which is always my personal favourite. So instead of a glittery accessory or a coffee table book, you could give the fashion lover in your life two tickets to the exhibition Femmes Fatales in Gemeentemuseum Den Haag. What is really cool about this exhibition is that it’s the first in fashion history to feature only female designers, which I think is amazing. The exhibition features designs and photographs from Jeanne Lanvin, Coco Chanel, Sonia Rykiel and Diane von Furstenberg. It still runs until the end of March 2019, so there’s no real rush in planning a date, and tickets are €15,00. 

ASOS gift guide

Scrolling through the big online retailer websites can be time-consuming and overwhelming, as they are just so many items on there. ASOS made it just a little bit easier for you, with their own online gift guide for fashion lovers. The list is still massive, but I would look specifically at accessories, like jewelry, handbags, hair accessories, and scented candles. With an online gift guide like this one, you can of course alter the search results to your specific needs, such as budget and type of product. 

Magazine subscription

When you’re looking for a gift that’s slightly more out of the box, I would highly recommend giving a subscription to a magazine such as LINDA.meidenElle or Glamour. That way, your Christmas gift just keeps on giving all throughout the upcoming year and what’s a better gift than that? For example, if you give a subscription to LINDA.meiden (10/10 would recommend), the fashion lover in question gets 4 magazines and 2 special editions, which would cost you €29,50. 

And those are my top Christmas gift tips to buy for a fashion lover! Now get ready for a hint about tomorrow’s advent calendar article: kangaroos. Yes, multiple kangaroos. Kangaroo galore, if you will. In any case, be prepared. 

Featured photo by Alisa Anton on Unsplash, Christmas cat pattern designed by Freepik