AFW Christmas Gift Guide for Film Lovers

Another day of the Almost Famous Writer advent calendar, another gift guide! For this edition we’re diving to the wonderful world of film…

Ah, films… besides Merlijn, Ziggy, books and cake I have another great love and that would be films. And thankfully I’m not alone in the film loving club, so if you’re buying a member a Christmas gift this year, I have some useful tips for you. 

David Lynch exhibition

Can you be a true film lover if you’re not a fan of David Lynch (or say “This is a damn fine cup of coffee” at least twice a day)? Me thinks not, so one of my favourite gift tips would be tickets to the David Lynch: Someone is in my house exhibition at the Bonnefanten Museum in Maastricht. Although this exhibition isn’t actually about Lynch’s work as a film director, but about all his other work, which includes his paintings, photographs, drawing, sculptures and installations. The exhibition runs until April 28, 2019 and tickets are €12,50 (but if you have a Cineville card, they’re only €8). 

1001 Movies You Must Watch Before You Die

Watching as many great movies as possible if a film lover’s ultimate mission, so why not give them The Ultimate List? With the book 1001 Movies You Must Watch Before You Die the film lover in your life should have more than enough great movie recommendations to last a lifetime. Or till next Christmas, when you give them the updated version. 

Curate your own DVD box

What’s better to give a film lover than actual films? Of course there are enough DVD boxes on the market with the best Spielberg, Coppola (Sofia, duh) or Kubrick films, but I think it would be even better to curate your own DVD box. You could get all of the films you always watch together, the films you always wanted to watch but never got around to it, the films that you think the film lover in your life should see because they’re your absolute favourites, or the best films of the year. The possibilities are endless and you can personalize it to you and the film lover you’re buying a Christmas gift for. Some suggestions for films I honestly think everyone would enjoy are Call me by your name (of course), Paterson and Lady Bird

Alternative film poster

I saw these on Instagram a little while ago and I immediately wanted to buy EVERYTHING. They were alternative film posters made by this independent little Etsy shop called MinusculeMotion and I think they would make the perfect gift for any film lover. They have a great selection of alternative film posters to choose from, including the Wes Anderson collection (duh), Big FishInto the Wild en Moulin Rouge!

Cinemaps: An Atlas of 35 Great Movies

I love books as much as I love films, so I’m just going to share another book I think would be a great gift for any film lover. In Cinemaps: An Atlas of 35 Great Movies into the unique geographies of your favourite films with beautiful illustrated maps by Andrew DeGraff, which are accompanied by essays by film critic A.D. Jameson. 

Are you not buying Christmas gifts for a film lover? Lucky you! There’s also a gift guide for book and fashion lovers on Almost Famous Writer. Are gift guides just not your thing? Worry not, because there’s a brand new article coming your way tomorrow and here’s a little hint: we’re going to the beach. 

Featured photo by Myke Simon on Unsplash, Christmas cat pattern designed by Freepik

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