A short ‘n sweet Christmas gift guide to affordable and cruelty-free make up: just the thing to sparkle up your Monday. 

If there’s one thing to get me into the Christmas spirit (besides sparkly unicorn ornaments in our tree) it’s Christmas make up. Everything can be glittered, from eyeshadow to highlighter and from lipstick to face powder, and we all know how much I love a bit of glitter. But what I love even more, is budget-friendly and cruelty-free glitter, which is why I’m listing my five favourite make up brands that are sparkly, affordable and cruelty-free in today’s Almost Famous Writer Christmas gift guide. 


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Essence is one of my favourite and most-used brands and every year they bring out a Christmas collection with is full of glitter, colors and reindeers. I think Essence is the perfect brand is you’re buying for a beauty lover that is maybe a bit younger or just starting out with make up (or just loves reindeer on their make up). My recommendations would be the eyeshadow palette, reindeer bath bomb, highlighter or Christmas tree make up sponge


In case you’re looking for some beauty products that are just a little bit more sophisticated and classic, but still very affordable and free from animal testing, Etos have a limited edition december line of products that looks BEAUTIFUL. The collection includes a mascara, face palette, glitter body puff and a sparkling lipstick, amongst other products, and is available in the Etos stores (unfortunately not online rip). 


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If the beauty lover in your life is a bit more experimental with their make up and not afraid to try out different colors, textures and products, I would highly recommend NYX and their candy-inspired holiday collection. Some of my recommendations would be the Whipped Wonderland Liquid Highlighter, Sweet Château Chocolip Lip Balm, Sprinkle Town Cream Glitter Pallete, and the Paradise Fluff Lip Oil – I mean, those product names alone are 10/10. 


I love HEMA for all things, from bedheets to pots and from lightbulbs to Christmas make up. They released a beauty party collection that is very affordable and completely cruelty-free, including a cushion blusher, a glitter make up bag, holographic hair clips, and glitter drops

KIKO Milano

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If you’re buying a Christmas gift for someone that isn’t into too much glitter, cute reindeers or funky colors (how can anyone not be, though?!), I would recommend the Christmas collection from KIKO Milano. Their products are just a little bit more sophisticated, including the All-Over Dazzling Power, Chameleon Nail Lacquer, eyeshadow palette, and metallic highlighter

Are you just as obsessed with gift guides and sparkles as I am? Good for you! Because earlier in the Almost Famous Writer advent calendar I shared my Christmas gift guides for book lovers, fashion lovers and film lovers. But if you’re in the mood for something a bit more reflective of the past year, just make sure to check back in tomorrow. Here’s the hint for tomorrow’s advent calendar article: dirty computer

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash, Christmas cat pattern designed by Freepik