It’s gift guide time! Grab your fluffy notebooks, holographic washi tapes and unicorn pens, because it’s time for the Almost Famous Writer Christmas gift guide for stationery lovers!

I can’t believe we’re already halfway through the Almost Famous Writer advent calendar – time sure flies when you’re having fun and publishing an article every single day. To celebrate the 12th (!!!) day of the advent calendar, I’m sharing the Christmas gift guide that is perhaps my favourite: the one where I get to go crazy on fluffy, glittery and cat-themed stationery. 

HEMA stationary

As you might remember from the previous gift guide on affordable and cruelty-free make up, I’m a big fan of HEMA products. That includes their stationery, which is think is some of the most affordable and easily accessible out there. I mean, what do you think of a pink furry notebook, a green velvet pencil case, or a pack of glitter and holographic washi tapes?

Bullet journal

If the person you’re buying a Christmas gift for is a real stationery lover, then I’m sure they are familiar with the wonderful world of bullet journaling. Either they already bullet their way through life or perhaps they’ve always wanted to start their one, Christmas is the perfect opportunity to make their stationery dreams come true. Of course the classic bullet journal would be one from Leuchtturm 1917, which are really quite pricey for a notebook, but as I’ve been using one for the past couple of months, I can say they are definitely worth the price. If you’re looking for something a little bit affordable, you could check out the ones at Bruna, HEMA (told you I love ‘m), and even Kruidvat

Anything Kikki K

If you want to spend just a little bit more on a stationary-themed gift, I would highly recommend checking out Kikki K. They have so many things available online, including a lot of great Christmas-themed stuff, but as gifts I really liked a cat compact mirror, a dog gift pack, or the Ultimate Paper Lover’s Book full of stickers, scrap paper, washi tape and much more. 

Moleskine notebook

As stationery lovers well know: there’s only one ultimate notebook and that would be the Moleskine notebooks. Can we all just appreciate this Harry Potter-themed 2019 diary, a book journal to keep track of all the amazing stories you’ve read (I 10/10 would keep track of this), or just the classic Moleskine notebook

Anything Paperchase

Another stationery brand I absolutely love is Paperchase. How about a fantastic forest washi tape set? Or a ‘my cat and me’ journal? Or my personal favourite of all things in this list, frankly speaking, a fluffy rainbow unicorn pen?!

And those would be all of my gift recommendation for a true stationary lover. Are you looking for something completely different? Fear not, there’s also an Almost Famous Writer Christmas gift guide for book lovers, film lovers, beauty lovers and fashion lovers. And if gift guides aren’t your thing, there’s a brand new article going up tomorrow and here’s a hint: Halley’s Comet. 

Featured photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash, Christmas cat pattern designed by Freepik