It’s time for the final Almost Famous Writer Christmas gift guide of 2018: 5 gift ideas for a music lover. Whether that is your brother, your mother or your cat.

Of course the greatest gift a music lover can get this time of the year is either the joy of filling in the Top 2000 or diving into their Spotify Wrapped results. But if you want to give them something a little different on Christmas day, here are my 5 recommendations for music lovers. 

Ticketmaster Gift Card

The two classic gifts to give a music lover would either be a Cd or record you know they would enjoy or a concert ticket you know they would want to go to. I mean, these gifts are classic for a reason. But if you’re buying a Christmas present for a music lover and you’re just not sure what concert they would want to go to, I think it’s OK to be on the safe side and buy them a gift card for a concert instead. This way the music lover in your life can choose the concert and the date, and you’ll be absolutely sure they’re going to love it. Or just go rogue and buy them tickets to a concert you really want to go and just drag them along. 

DJ scratch pad

A love for music isn’t limited to just humans, your pet should also be able to enjoy your Christmas gift! So if your cat is a true lover of music and has always dreamt of becoming a big time DJ, a DJ scratch pad would be the perfect gift. 

Prince – Piano & a Microphone 1983

If you’re absolutely sure which artists or bands the person you’re buying a Christmas present for loves, why not give them a special or a deluxe edition? My suggestion would be (obviously, if you’ve read my “10 favourite albums of 2018 article“) Prince’s record Piano & a Microphone 1983 on vinyl. 

Ticket Stub Diary

If the music lover in your love is conveniently also a hoarder, this would be your perfect Christmas gift. With a Ticket Stub Diary they can collect their concert tickets, festival bands, photos, handwritten reviews and beer coasters safely. You could also fill it with memories of concerts and festivals that you went to together with the person you’re buying a gift for, to make it extra sweet (and gives you a good excuse to dive in your personal archives, which is one of my favourite Sunday activities). 

Biffy Clyro Christmas sweater

My final gift guide recommendation is my ultimate favourite, I’m not going to lie. I think the ultimate Christmas gift to give a music lover, is to give a Christmas jumper from their favourite band or artist. It’s funny, it’s Christmas-themed and it’ll keep the music lover in your life warm all throughout winter. Of course my suggestion would be a Biffy Clyro Christmas jumper

This marks the end of this gift guide for music lovers, but also the end of the Christmas gift guides on Almost Famous Writer. The other gift guides in the series included one for book lovers, film lovers, fashion lovers, beauty lovers and stationery lovers. But don’t be sad, because there’ll be a fresh new article up tomorrow and here’s a little hint: color-coding. 

Featured image by Mink Mingle on Unsplash, Christmas cat pattern designed by Freepik