It’s that time of year again: Spotify Wrapped 2018 has dropped and I dove into my musical behaviors of the past year. 

Looking back on my 2018 in music, I think there’s one very interesting observation that can be made that actually says a lot about me (I fact-checked it with Merlijn) and that’s that I’m a true creature of habit. I like an album or a song and then I proceed to listen to that one album or one song on repeat for at least two weeks straight. Then ultimately I get bored with it or I find another album or song that I completely fall in love with it and then I listen to that on repeat. And so on, and so on, and so on. 

But besides deep personal insights, Spotify Wrapped is just a fun way to look back on the music you’ve listened to over the past 12 months, even when the results aren’t that surprising…

The first song I listened to in 2018 was Green Light by Lorde, which meant that I listened to it while I was in Scotland with my family to celebrate Hogmanay. This is exactly what I love about Spotify Wrapped: it makes you think back of particular moments when you listened to a specific song or artist, and this just takes me right back to road-tripping across the UK with six people and one smoll dog in one van. Ah, the memories!


… minutes I listened to music on Spotify, which seems such a massive number to me. Over 25.000 minutes I listened to music, but then again, I do listen to music wherever and whenever (unfortunately Shakira wasn’t in my musical overview of 2018, but she’s always in my heart). I listen to my Spotify playlists on the commute to and from work, on the train to and from university, and then again back home when I connect to my speakers and just listen along from there. 

In total, I listened 38 hours to Prince, which makes him my most listened artist. Last year this was composer Alexandre Desplat, which I still think hilarious, but it was also pretty self-explanatory as last year I graduated from university and to survive those harrowing few weeks before graduation, I listed to as many Desplat soundtracks as I could possibly find. According to my musical preferences, I was a bit more relaxed this year and really took my time to listen to His Royal Purpleness. 

Then we have the five songs I listened to the most in 2018, which includes includes not one but two songs from Interpol (All the rage back home and My desire to be exact), Pray for Me from the Black Panther soundtrack (as you do), and not one, but TWO Taylor Swift songs from her 2017 album reputation (End Game and Delicate, in case you were curious). 

The five artists that were on repeat in 2018, then, are Prince (obviously), Interpol (could’ve guessed that one), Taylor Swift (I guess somewhere deep in my soul there’s a Swiftie in me), Arctic Monkeys (I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, AM is one of my absolute favourite albums out there) and Harry Styles (on repeat literally all Summer). 


… is my favourite genre, whereas in 2017 this was Modern Rock. What the difference between these two is, I couldn’t tell you, but Spotify seems to believe there is so let’s roll with it. And what better soundtrack to roll with than Arctic Monkeys?

Let’s wrap this up, shall we? My apologies, I just can’t ignore a comedic opportunity such as this, so if you’re in the mood for some more terrible humor, be sure to check back in tomorrow for another installment of the Almost Famous advent calendar.