My bullet journal 2019 setup

It’s finally here: my very own bullet journal setup for 2019! And of course it includes glitter tape, a theme color and some collaging.

September 2018 was when I first bought a bullet journal, after months (maybe even years…) of watching bullet journal videos on YouTube and following #bulletjournal on Instagram. Now after I’ve had some time to get used to the bullet journal system, to experiment a little with and really find my own way with it. So without further ado, here’s my bullet journal 2019 setup and monthly setup for January!

So, first things first: a cover page. I didn’t want to do any elaborate doodles or drawings, but I did want my 2019 cover page to be both practical and fun. So I added the overview of all the months of 2019 on the right page (and made a lil’ mistake there with May, but ah well) and I also added the theme colors of all the months already, so it looks like one colorful party all year long. Then on the left page I made a little collage with images I found on Pinterest, which is where I collect all of the images I use throughout my bullet journal, and I think it just adds some more visual interest without putting hours and hours of work into it.

Then next up is my future log, which is definitely inspired by AmandaRachLee on YouTube. I use these pages to write down events or holidays that are way in advance and that I can then later write down in my monthly spreads when I arrive at that specific month in my bullet journal. Again, I gave every month a color theme already, and I actually really like how these pages turned out, even if they’re just to write down calendar events six months ahead of time.

The final page of my 2019 setup is a new year’s resolutions page. Even though I don’t really have any set or very specific new year’s resolutions, I am thinking of little goals that I want to keep in mind going forward into the new year, like doing more with analog photography or experimenting more with meal planning for lunch – but I don’t have any deadlines or fixed goals on those. On these pages I think I want to write down just a few things that I want to keep in mind for 2019.

And then it’s time for my monthly spread of January! I start out with a cover page with just the name of the month, a little calendar overview and, of course, January’s theme color, and it’s just meant to be fun and creative. I added a postcard on the right page so that the actual start of the month is a little bit easier to find while going through the journal, as those pages become a bit thicker because of the postcard – just a little trick to make life a bit easier.

My weekly spreads are pretty straight-forward and basically like any another dairy lay-out. I use these to write down events or appointments, such as my internship days, my university days and my plans for the weekend, for example. Some people already add there daily to do list already on these pages, but like to have a bit more space for those, so I have separate pages for those. What I really enjoy to do with these pages are to make collages with images that I found on Pinterest (I make a Pinterest board for every month, fyi), glitter washi tape and stickers. It’s super easy and fast, and I think it looks very put together and also very fun and colorful.

I don’t keep any trackers like mood, habits or expenses trackers you often see in a bullet journal setup, but there’s one thing that I do like to track and that’s movies. On these Cinema Club pages, I write down movie titles that I want to see in that specific month in the movie tickets, and when I’ve actually seen them, I color them with the theme color of that month and at the end of every month I have a nice little overview.

Finally, I have my daily to do lists. I just write down the date and make a list of things that I want or need to that day, and those lists can get quite long as I include everything, from doing groceries to uploading to Instagram. Trust me when I tell you nothing gives me more satisfaction than to go sleep at the end of the day knowing that I’ve ticked all of the boxes on my to do list of that day.

And that’s my bullet journal setup for January 2019! From now on, I want to share my bullet journal setup every month in an article like this on my blog, so you can hopefully draw some inspiration from it – perhaps even for your own bullet journal! If not, I hope you enjoyed some pictures of collaging and here’s the hint for tomorrow’s article (we’re almost there guys!!!): call me by your name.

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