Bye bye 2018!

The very final article of the Almost Famous Writer advent calendar 2018 is here: a goodbye letter to 2018 and all of the amazing things it brought me, from a rekindled love for analog photography and pink hair, to two MA degrees and two internships.


… was the year I did my internship at Cineville. From January until the end of August I travelled up and down to Amsterdam three times a week and although I really dislike trains now, oh boy was it worth it. I had the best time at Cineville, where I could write about all the new films that are coming out, I could photoshop Oscars onto random film scenes, I could plan, schedule and colorcode to my heart’s desire and I still miss it like crazy. But I’ve enjoyed my time so much and I’ve also learned so much, that I can only look back on the first half of 2018 with a big smile.

… was the year I couldn’t stop listening to Prince.

… was the year I decided I wanted to continue studying and doing a second master’s degree. During my internship at Cineville and finishing up my first MA in journalism, I realized that I didn’t want to stop studying – not just yet. I always thought that I wanted to become a journalist and that’s that what I wanted to study and that’s what I worked for all those years. But when I was actually studying journalism I realized that I didn’t enjoy it that much, so I applied for the internship at Cineville and I had an absolute blast. But I realized I wanted to pursue another MA degree, and this time in English linguistics. So I applied to a couple of programs and now I’m doing a pre-master linguistics at Leiden University and in September 2019 I can start with the actual MA programme.

… was the year I went to Down the Rabbit Hole, on a trip through Ireland and on a camping weekend to France. With these trips, I rekindled my love for analog photography and now I take my Olympus OM10 with me everywhere I can. Every time I get the pictures developed I’m so excited to see the results and I just love the look and feel of film photography. I even created a second Instagram page where I share all of my analog pictures just as they are, without any filters or alterations.

… was the year I first dyed my hair pink and I never want to have any other hair colour ever again.

… as the year I started bullet journaling. In September 2018 I started using my bullet journal and I’m now completely hooked. After a few months of practicing, finding my way within the system and what works for me, I finally shared my very first bullet journal setup on Almost Famous Writer. In 2019, I want to keep up with my bullet journal and actually post a monthly setup on the blog, so keep an eye out for those updates if you’re interested!

… was the year I started my own little company. After years of thinking about it and mulling it over, I’ve officially registered Almost Famous Writer at the Chamber of Commerce and became a freelancer. I think it’s super exciting and I’m thrilled to continue working on it in the upcoming year (and of course make more color-coded planning sheets, because when you’ve found your passion in life, you can’t let go).

… was the year I started my second internship at Passionate Bulkboek. When my first internship at Cineville ended I realized that I’m somebody who just can’t sit still and needs something to do, something to feel responsible for and something to pour my creativity, love for color-coordination and planning into. So I started another internship at Passionate Bulkboek, which has turned out to be such a perfect fit. I’m now taking care of the social media channels for two reading promotion projects called Jonge Jury and De Inktaap and I just absolutely love it.

… was the year I wrote, edited, designed and uploaded 24 articles in 24 days which sounds like absolute MADNESS to me. But I’m actually quite proud that I managed to do the entire advent calendar with an article every single day and it gave me so much joy to know that people were reading them and getting back to me about something I wrote. Still, my favourite part of the Almost Famous Writer advent calendar would be the guest posts by Yonna, Joëlle, Annick and Merlijn – thank you all so much for contributing! If you want to read all 24 articles of the advent calendar, click right here.

And this marks the very end of the Almost Famous Writer advent calendar and the arrival of Christmas Eve. Before I sign off and stuff my face with French cheese and Christmas chocolates, I wanted to thank you for coming with me on this advent trip and reading the articles. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoy Christmas cheese platters. Then one final note: I’ll be enjoying my Christmas holiday from now on, so regular uploading on Almost Famous Writer will resume on Monday January 7, 2019 with a brand new article. Until then, but for now, Merry Christmas and a very happy new year!

Photo by Ian Schneider on Unsplash

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