To make New Year’s Resolutions or not? That’s the question at the beginning of every new year, isn’t it? Today I’m writing down my thoughts on the annual collective goal-setting and (spoiler-alert!) sharing some of my own goals for 2019.

I never really know what to think of New Year’s Resolutions. I still don’t know whether I think it’s better to make a list of goals for the upcoming year or to just not have them and live life without strictly set goals looming over your head.

On the one hand I really enjoy sitting down at the beginning of a fresh new year and think about what I want to do over the past 12 months, what I really enjoyed to do in the past year and what I want to continue in the new year and what I want to have accomplished at the end of the year. In that sense, I think having New Year’s Resolutions or main goals are a great way to make you feel motivated and structured, which I’m a big fan of. I never really set my goals for the new year in stone or make them very strict or super specific for myself, I just think of things that I want to do or continue doing and keep them neatly in the back of my head, not in a motivational mood board above my bed.

Which brings my to the other hand, which is that I think New Year’s Resolutions can become a bit oppressive or unrealistic. I could write down the traditional ‘Get healthy’, or ‘Go to the gym twice a week’ or ‘Snack on some carrots instead of chocolate’, but I don’t because I know that I’m not going to keep up with these resolutions. I love chocolate, and I plan on eating a lot more chocolate in 2019, and perhaps most importantly, I don’t plan on changing my entire life around every time a new year rolls around. Instead, I just like to sit down, look back the past year and think about the things that I’ve enjoyed and want to continue doing in 2019.

So without much further ado (that was some ado, wasn’t it?), these are some goals I wrote down for myself for 2019!

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Read more books

Over the Summer of 2018, I really got back into reading and just grabbing a book while on the train or before I went to bed, and in 2019 I really want to continue this rekindled love for books and reading. I have a beautiful ‘to read’ pile waiting for me to dig in, so I want to try to read at least 1 book per month and see how I go from there. Of course I’ve already selected the ones I want to start my little reading challenge with, so a brand-new Almost Famous Writer book club will make its way to you very very soon.

Do more with analog photography

Another love that I have rekindled in 2018 is my love for analog photography. Over the Summer I really enjoyed to take my Olympus camera with me and just take pictures of the things that I see, how ordinary they might seem. Every time I had shot an entire roll of film and I could pick up the developed pictures, I got so happy and excited to see the results. I’m not very good at it, but it brings me so much joy that I really want to continue with it in 2019 and even try to do one role of film per month. Consequently, if I shoot one roll of film per month, I can also post much more frequently on my analog Instagram account edenonfilm, which is a little passion project of mine.

Continue to build Almost Famous Writer

As I mentioned in my ‘Bye bye 2018‘ blogpost, I registered Almost Famous Writer at the Chamber of Commerce and I became a freelancer. So in 2019 I want to continue building Almost Famous Writer, probably very slowly but hopefully quite steadily. I really want to keep up with the freelance jobs I have going on right now and keep those around for 2019, and of course try and acquire some more jobs hopefully. But as I’m still a full-time MA student as well, this is not my biggest priority for 2019, but really something I can do as something that I want to do instead of something that I have to do because long live student loans.

Keep up with my 2019 mixtape on Spotify

I checked my Spotify account the other day and I saw that I’ve been keeping a yearly playlist (or mixtape, as I pretentiously like to call them) since 2015! Every day I would add a song to that playlist and then at the end of the year, I would have a full overview of my year in music. Of course, Spotify Wrapped does this for you based on the songs that you listened to the most, but what I like about my own system its that it’s chronological. For example, I can see that on January 2nd, we went to buy a plant and called it Fernando, because one day later I added Fernando from the Mamma Mia soundtrack to my 2019 mixtape. Ah, the little pleasures in life, he?

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Continue with bullet journaling

Ever since I set up my bullet journal for 2019 (read all about it here), I’ve been so excited to use my journal every single day and I’m honestly already looking forward to creating many more monthly spreads in the upcoming year. I’m really enjoying both the planning and the creative aspects of it, and I will definitely continue with bullet journaling in 2019. Additionally, I also plan to share my monthly spreads on Almost Famous Writer, so keep an eye out for those!

Watch A LOT of great movies

I think we all know by now that I LOVE movies, so in 2019 I just want to continue cultivating this love by going to the cinema very often, eating lots of popcorn and sharing a lot of movie reviews and recommendations on my Instagram. Prepare for Oscar season, people, because I have some thoughts (and a couple of conspiracy theories) to share.

Get my MA degree in journalism

Perhaps my main goal, my ultimate mission and my number one New Year’s resolution of 2019 would be to finally finish my MA thesis and graduate from my first MA degree in journalism. If everything goes as it should, I will have finished my MA thesis in the first half of 2019, so that in September I can start my second MA degree in English Linguistics and by this time next year I’ll be starting on my second MA thesis – I’m so not ready to think about that yet. But my main goal is definitely to graduate in 2019 and I’m already so so excited about it.

So those were my goals for 2019! Again, I don’t think New Year’s Resolutions should be about completely changing your life around or becoming a #fitgirl, in the end, I think it’s much more important to just keep doing you and be happy (and eating lots of chocolate).

Featured photo by Alexya Darkness on Unsplash