In this series of interviews in collaboration with VERS, Lauren Murphy and I talk to the future film makers of Cineville about their work and their love for film. For this edition I drink tea with documentary maker Marina Meijer in Rotterdam-Zuid (ROTTERDAM!) and we talk about strong women, sensitive men, Bambi, Claire Denis and Plato.

Lauren Murphy

The very first film that made an impression on documentary maker Marina Meijer was Bambi. She was five years old and her father took her to LantarenVenster in Rotterdam (nowadays that’s KINO). When they walked out of the cinema Marina couldn’t stop crying. “Was is too scary?” her father asked. “No,” Marina cried. “It was just so beautiful!” From a very early age she knew that film had the ability to move you, even when it’s about animated deer.

I’ve thought long and hard about why I like to shoot a man’s world as a woman

Marina Meijer

In the years following Bambi and in high school, Marina was busy with photography and imagery. Nevertheless, she went to university to study Political Science and Language & Culture Studies. For school assignment she always wanted to interview people. “I’ve always looked for contact with other people, to be able to understand things from their perspective,” Marina tells us. In the end, her love for imagery and people melted together and she decided to enroll at the Nederlandse Filmacademie to study Documentary Directing.

Lauren Murphy

Marina’s graduation film, the short documentary Cargo, was set on a drilling platform in the middle of the North Sea. A group of men between the waves. Before that she made Water aan Wal, a short film about a young shipman’s son on a reformed shipman’s boarding school. In the meantime she spent a couple of months in a hotel full of Polish and the last few months she spent shooting a documentary in a transformation centre for risk youth – all by herself. “Masculine” topics through a woman’s lens. Where does this fascination come from, and what filmmakers have inspired Marina?

This article was written for and published on Cineville. You can read the entre interview Marina right here (in Dutch). Pictures by Lauren Murphy.